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A business law attorney has to be versed in the laws that govern how corporations, investors, directors, shareholders, employees, creditors and other stakeholders relate with one another. This can get complicated, so it's important to find an educated and communicative attorney to represent your interests. Look no further than Buckley Law Firm for business law assistance in the New Orleans, LA area.

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We have the experience necessary to help with a variety of business law issues. You can turn to us for legal services regarding:

  • Licensing
  • Product liability
  • Board meetings
  • Secretarial matters
  • Articles of association
  • Employment law issues
  • Regulation compliances
  • Incorporating companies
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Contract drafting and disputes
  • Director and shareholder rights
  • Intellectual property management
  • Sales or transfers of intellectual property assets

Our attorney has a background in molecular biology and biochemistry, so he can even advise biotechnology companies on regulatory issues and patents. Get in touch now to discuss your representation needs with a business law attorney.