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Make the Most of Your Creation

Do you want to secure something you created as your own and prevent others from profiting off of it? Then you should team up with the intellectual property attorney at Buckley Law Firm in New Orleans, LA. There are strict copyright, trademark and patent laws in place to protect intellectual property, and you can rely on us to make them work for you.

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Here for all your intellectual property needs

Starting proceedings might seem complicated, but working with a skilled intellectual property attorney makes it easy. We take on clients who need help with any aspect of intellectual property law, including:

  • Patent law, which involves protecting an invention from being copied, made, used or sold by others
  • Trademark law, which involves protecting names, symbols and slogans used to recognize products and services
  • Copyright law, which involves protecting rights over music, writings, motion pictures, architecture and original artistic expressions

We'll handle all the paperwork necessary to legally claim your intellectual property as your own. Contact us now at 504-323-5868 to get started.